Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NYC, the sip.

Yelped it. Had to find a place near by to look lonely and totally to cool for school. With google + yelp, I found SIP. - small place that was decorated from ikea coffee, laminated penny contours, kitchy coffee decoration, hanging plants, uncomfortable mini aluminum highchairs, black and white prints of boring places, one giant mirror, red padded square walls, indian inspired curtains, the token gaggle of gays trying to decided what red wine goes best with there appetizer, one fit jewish waitress with perky tits and smiling brown eyes, fat baby-face bartender, over priced coffee, small but good beer selection, and to top it off 18% built in gratuity; but the place is open from 11am -4am. tonights song: pablo picasso by the modern lovers

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