Thursday, June 18, 2009

NYC, bakery

The bakery was full of tasty, sugary, sticky, gooey, strawberry oozing, cream injected, caramel running, glaze thicker than pine-sap, mountains of whip-cream, cherry toping, chocolate lathered, powdered sugar dusted, mouth watering flaky crust stacked, jars filled to the brim, hot out of the oven bubbling aroma filled, every ten digit licked clean, new york city.

Tonights Song: Living End by The Jesus & Mary Chain

NYC, camera phone

todays song: Dinner At Eight by Rufus Wainwright

Saturday, June 13, 2009

NYC, 40 oz

she fell asleep dreaming.

tonights song: Dead and Lovely by Tom Waits

NYC, new york city

he drooled allover himself

this evenings song: Bled White by Elliott Smith

NYC, make way

the new york sammys are fit for a king, paraded out; announced by harmonizing trumpets, trotted in on the royal white Clydesdale, unwrapped by decadently dressed virgins draped in jewels and his majesty's first bite blessed by the holly monks. Their divine taste would have you believe so, but no this cornucopia of deli treats are tossed together by the immigrant behind the counter and rolled so tight in butcher-paper that this makes me think that the whirlwind assembly has something to do with its delight.

todays song: Ha Ha by Mates of State

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NYC, Hey Mr. Rain, Ain't you follow me down

How can you sleep when the sky is electric. The big apple flickers like an alive neon blue sign. I couldn't help myself but to jump out of bed and get a front row seat to the lightning strikes overhead.

this evenings song: Drunkship OF Lanterns by The Mars Volta

(note: add three hours to all NYC time-stamps)

Monday, June 8, 2009


she's amazing, last night I had her on her knees, crying like the roar of traffic, her eyes glowed bright lights of come-hither, her pores sweat the sent of fresh bread, summer blooms, and warm evening romance, in full thrust I had caress every curve, her full figure body satisfies all the needs of this lost puppy, left starry-eyed, out of breath, and howling for more!

...together we could tag-team this bitch!

tonights song: At the Hop by Devendra Banhart

NYC, the 1

In the city, you don't take the garbage out, you toss the trash bags across the sidewalk, the curbs are lined with armor, $350 fines for honking, people are friendly and will help you with directions, car has a "t" in the spelling (cart) some sort of hybrid of a granny walker and a shopping cart - used to carry anything that normally would go in your trunk, you cross the street when you feel like it, and you can pretty much get a bite to eat 24 hours of the day.

From 4-6 p.m. the light is beautiful- beaming in from the heavens slicing buildings in half like a wedge of cheese, burning throw tree leafs, illuminating cathedral towers, turning people school bus yellow, and finally dipping into the vents of the subway tunnels with a snap of cream twilight as it fades into the city lights.

todays song: neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) by the Arcade Fire

Saturday, June 6, 2009

NYC, Please come dive in puddles with me.

East-side no show.
Secret garden.
Indian protest.
5th Ave.
79th street, N, 14th Union Square.
Apple Store.
Veggie meatball samy.
Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
L, 14th (6th ave), 1.
2 Apricots snack.

because I'm falling in love with the city, tonight's song: After Hours by The Velvet Underground & Nico

Friday, June 5, 2009

NYC, Manhattan - Brooklyn

Today was solid, it was how visiting Manhattan should be, woke up felt refreshed, went had a salad & a double cap at some classy sidewalk seating place, then got in touch with Pat's sister Katie, she showed me around- went to the whitney and to the armory saw some rad art installations, had some beers in the village then she went to be super swank sheek with friends at some art opening thing. oh well. I met up with Alexis and friends little later in Brooklyn which turns out to be hipster central, not one adult in sight; felt like I was walking into pleasure island from Pinocchio, it was amazing, then slowly with a few round about trains came home, met a nice dude named Ryan Wriggly who just got back from Israel, he said he was in the sara silverman show briefly, we navigated our way in the subway together, I was little more drunk then I realized, made it home, drunk texted someone and now golly BLOG. the end. tonights song: Ten Minutes to Downtown, by The Get Up Kids.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NYC, the sip.

Yelped it. Had to find a place near by to look lonely and totally to cool for school. With google + yelp, I found SIP. - small place that was decorated from ikea coffee, laminated penny contours, kitchy coffee decoration, hanging plants, uncomfortable mini aluminum highchairs, black and white prints of boring places, one giant mirror, red padded square walls, indian inspired curtains, the token gaggle of gays trying to decided what red wine goes best with there appetizer, one fit jewish waitress with perky tits and smiling brown eyes, fat baby-face bartender, over priced coffee, small but good beer selection, and to top it off 18% built in gratuity; but the place is open from 11am -4am. tonights song: pablo picasso by the modern lovers

NYC around the block, pictures

With my camera strangled in a plastic bag, I snapped a few shots at chest high. Back to Gray, by The Thermals is playing.

New York City, day one - june third

Early this morning at about 2am I arrived at Daniel and Roommates apartment; I left from Long Beach CA at 2:40pm. After stretching my legs and consuming an apple juice and chocolate chip muffin walking around a few blocks and bumming around Daniel's room I finally passed out at 5, woke up 9 hours later. This afternoon I drifter around getting in the way of all the busy people . I did see a baby in a stroller whose eyes were popping out of it's head looking at all the crazy people and buildings and traffic and trash and that smell of piss, and open markets with fresh fruit stuffed in crushed ice, and school kids trying to skateboarding throw crowds of people; i wonder what's like growing up in a city...