Friday, June 5, 2009

NYC, Manhattan - Brooklyn

Today was solid, it was how visiting Manhattan should be, woke up felt refreshed, went had a salad & a double cap at some classy sidewalk seating place, then got in touch with Pat's sister Katie, she showed me around- went to the whitney and to the armory saw some rad art installations, had some beers in the village then she went to be super swank sheek with friends at some art opening thing. oh well. I met up with Alexis and friends little later in Brooklyn which turns out to be hipster central, not one adult in sight; felt like I was walking into pleasure island from Pinocchio, it was amazing, then slowly with a few round about trains came home, met a nice dude named Ryan Wriggly who just got back from Israel, he said he was in the sara silverman show briefly, we navigated our way in the subway together, I was little more drunk then I realized, made it home, drunk texted someone and now golly BLOG. the end. tonights song: Ten Minutes to Downtown, by The Get Up Kids.

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